Star Lantern Assembly Instructions and Videos

Paper star lanterns are made in India by skilled crafts persons. You may have seen these cool lights on MTV unplugged series, or featured on HGTV. They are an inexpensive and simple way to spice up a room.

All you need to do is open the star by pulling on two strings, then tie the lantern in an open position with a simple knot.  Assembly literally takes 3 minutes.  

Then, just put a hook in the ceiling and hang the cord and star together from it.  When you turn on your star light and turn out the room lights, the room is transformed into a magical space with exotic patterns and swirls of shadow and light.

Star lanterns have a rich history, originating in India as part of the Diwali Festival.  This celebration goes back hundreds of years, and is a time for family, food and happiness throughout the country.

Today, our paper lanterns are handmade by talented artisans using modern technology to create undreamed of designs and combinations of color and texture.  Many of our star lamps have shapes cut from the paper that are then backed with tissue paper to create a fantastical stained-glass look.  Other designs are simple, using handmade papers, batik finishes or even holographic designs that shimmer like a thousand stars when lit.

Our paper stars are inexpensive, easy to assemble, and look great when lit up at night.  They work as an accent in your living room, as a neat night light for the kids, or as a fun addition to a dorm room.  We also have several designs that are terrific for parties and weddings!

To see how our hanging lanterns are assembled and hung, please watch the video below.