Divine Planet Kauai

Opened in 2004, our bead and import shops are like no others on Kauai. Owners Mike and Sonja McGinnis have long operated an internet wholesale business from Kauai.  Mike decided he needed a new challenge and Sonja had some great ideas for beads, decor and more, so the concept of a store to showcase our range of beads, textiles and accessories on Kauai became a reality.

We now have two bead and accessories stores to retail our unique brand of imported goods. We also own and operate two stores with the concept of vintage Hawaiiana, local products and kitschy Kauai gifts. The two stores are called "Aloha from Hanalei" and "Aloha from Kauai."

India has a long history of rich fabrics and tapestries.  We use our wholesale suppliers to come up with exotic, fun and hip products for the home and personal adornment.  Beads, jewelry, and fabrics abound in this exotic Asian country.  Our silver jewelry suppliers in India make each piece by hand using only sterling silver and authentic natural stones.  The detail that goes into each necklace, ring, pendant, bracelet or earring is incredible.  As with all out products, special attention is paid to ensure high quality and great prices for our customers.

We use these same suppliers as a resource for our imported beads and findings.  Many of the beads we carry in our Kauai stores are both unique and priced comparable to large internet dealers.  We also source beads, silk textiles and silver jewelry from Thailand. These pieces tend to be more contemporary in concept, but the prices are comparable to those from Indian goods.  Thai products have a warm and inviting quality to them that we find alluring.

In Northern Thailand, the Karen Hill tribe produces fantastic, handmade silver beads and jewelry using simple tools.  We carry Kauai's largest selection of Hill Tribe jewelry and beads.  Many of the lanterns we carry are handmade in India, but we also carry a good selection of hanging lamps from China and from Vietnam. Silks, bamboo and handmade papers predominate in our line of mood lighting.

Over the last five or so years, we have been making an annual pilgrimmage to Bali, where we are constantly amazed by the variety and quality of handicrafts created by the local artisans.  We design new products each year that can then be found only in our stores and online at divine-planet.com.

bangkok photo